Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Book Review

Response by Paul Volponi

The book is about this kid named noah and his friends go to steal a car for money and when they get there something goes wrong and then these white kids found out it was noah and his friends and they go to beat them up and then noah and his friends run away but noah trips and then the white kids beat him with a bat.
The major conflict in the book is that noah tries to steal a car and ends up getting beat by a few white kids
I liked the book how that it could be real and how it is so descriptive
I would suggest this to anyone that likes action stories or people in high school
The length of the book is short it has 145 pages
The structure of the book is a few narrators talking about what happen to noah and the other characters

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

World AIDS Day

There are estimated to be over 22,400 people living with HIV in the UK who are unaware of their infection.
In 2008, an estimated 83,000 people were living with HIV in the UK.
2008, approximately 950,000 HIV tests were carried out in sexual health clinics.
The global number of HIV/AIDS cases is 33.3 million
15.9 million are women and 2.5 are children.
Almost 2 million people die from the disease every year.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Spc. Andrew Hutchins

Spc. Andrew Hutchins was killed on November 8, 2010 in Afghanistan. He was only 20 years old and he was a great student and he always challenged himself. He Lived in New Portland Maine and his mother lives in Waltham and his father lives in Leeds. He graduated from Carrabec High School and he loved to volunteer his time to other people.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Monday, June 14, 2010


My blogging has improved a little but it still needs some improvement i think by blogging a lot next year my blogging will improve and i would like to improve my blog by learning how to wright better.

English class

This year in English class we have read a few books and my favorite book was Romeo and Juliet because when we were reading that book we acted it out and i thought that was funner then just sitting at are desk and reading. I also liked how we did a project on the book called speech. The book that I learned the most from would have to be Romeo and Juliet.

Rat Life

The name of the book is Rat Life and the authors name is Tedd Arnold. This book takes place around the 1970's and its after the Vietnam War. The main character name is Todd him and his family own a hotel and thy live in it and one day he is riding his bike to the hotel from school and he runs into this dog on the side of the rode so he stops and pets it then he picks it up because there is a loud truck coming down the rode then the dog bits Todd so he drops the dog and the truck hits the dog. Todd goes to hospital and he is gonna see if he got rabies from the dog bit because he doesn't know were the dog came from. The doctor tell him that he has rabies and for rabies to go away you need to get some shots in the stomach. The conflict of the story is that rat has rabies and there's a bigger conflict which is that Todd found a dead body in the river near rats house. In this book I like how Todd tries to solve the conflict by himself. If you thinking about reading this book I suggest that you like mysteries. The book is not that long it has 208 pages.