Friday, January 22, 2010

I would like to talk about the school rule about wearing no hats in school I don't understand why we can't wear hats in school, I personal think that we should be able to wear hats in school because theirs nothing that could hert someone by wearing a hat

"I am the pig"
by Ann Turner

I am the pig
and you are the wolf
waiting at the door
to gobble me up
and chew on my bones
then spit me out
and nobody is big enough
or fast enough
to keep it from

I think that this poem relates to the book speak because the girl Melinda Sordino would be the pig and Andy Evans would be the wolf in the poem because he did horrible stuff to Melinda and she became quit like the pigs because they both were trying to hide from the wolf and in Melinda's case the wolf in Andy Evens.


I think that doing the blog post are good I would rather do blog post then wright on a peace of paper and I think this improves my writing a lot more and it improves my typing by a lot. I also like o when we post blogs that other people around the world can see what we wright about

Life In Prison

One of the book that I read in quarter two is called Life In Prison, the author of the book is Stanley "Tookie" Williams, its about a guy that created the gang called Crips and his name Stanley Williams he has these friends that get killed and he gets really mad and goes and kills four people that were responsible for the murder of his friends.Then he goes to prison and hes on death row and in the book he tells about his life in prison.One of the major conflicts are that Stanley Williams kills four people.I loved how he was so descriptive about what he saw inside the prison he would tell you exactly what he did because he didn't do that much.My opinion of this book I think would be alot more interesting for teenagers and maybe some adults.This book is really short its only eighty pages long.In this book there are alot of pictures in this book and there are alot of short chapters.

Monday, January 11, 2010

My Opinion: Capital Punishment

I don't think that there should be a death penalty for every crime but if someone does a really bad crime like murder someone or rape someone that there should be the death penalty. Most of the crimes don't need the death penalty they could just get like the maximum sentence to prison and some of the crimes should get what they already have.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

he's guilty

I think that Steve is guilty in the book Monster because when they're talking about the robbery he tries to tell himself that he is innocent. When I watch some criminal shows the guilty person always tries to tell themselves that they're innocent. When he was in the police car he tried making his thoughts a blank screen. That means to me that he is trying to make himself forget about what happened at the store that night of the robbery

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

21 years 3 months

If I was in jail for 21 years 3 months I would be 35 and 9 months old. If I got out and I was looking for a job I highly doubt that I could get a really good job. Also what I would miss is getting married and having kids. Another thing that I might miss is like if one of my family members died I wouldn't be able to get to the funeral because I would be locked up. The prison won't let you go to any funeral or anything like that.

Tupac poem

Did you hear about the tree that blends
in with everything in the woods?
proving nature's law is wrong it learned
to grow without roots
funny it seems, but by keeping it's dreams,
it learned to stand out
long live the tree that blended in with everything when no one else dared