Friday, January 22, 2010

Life In Prison

One of the book that I read in quarter two is called Life In Prison, the author of the book is Stanley "Tookie" Williams, its about a guy that created the gang called Crips and his name Stanley Williams he has these friends that get killed and he gets really mad and goes and kills four people that were responsible for the murder of his friends.Then he goes to prison and hes on death row and in the book he tells about his life in prison.One of the major conflicts are that Stanley Williams kills four people.I loved how he was so descriptive about what he saw inside the prison he would tell you exactly what he did because he didn't do that much.My opinion of this book I think would be alot more interesting for teenagers and maybe some adults.This book is really short its only eighty pages long.In this book there are alot of pictures in this book and there are alot of short chapters.

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