Monday, June 14, 2010

Rat Life

The name of the book is Rat Life and the authors name is Tedd Arnold. This book takes place around the 1970's and its after the Vietnam War. The main character name is Todd him and his family own a hotel and thy live in it and one day he is riding his bike to the hotel from school and he runs into this dog on the side of the rode so he stops and pets it then he picks it up because there is a loud truck coming down the rode then the dog bits Todd so he drops the dog and the truck hits the dog. Todd goes to hospital and he is gonna see if he got rabies from the dog bit because he doesn't know were the dog came from. The doctor tell him that he has rabies and for rabies to go away you need to get some shots in the stomach. The conflict of the story is that rat has rabies and there's a bigger conflict which is that Todd found a dead body in the river near rats house. In this book I like how Todd tries to solve the conflict by himself. If you thinking about reading this book I suggest that you like mysteries. The book is not that long it has 208 pages.

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