Monday, March 22, 2010

picture creative writing

Who: He is a man?his name is Bob? his age is 63?
When:it is in the winter time? he is just having some grand children and he close to the end of his life ?
Where:he live in california and he’s at a cheap place to get food ? (Think exact location and abstract, like homeless in California but living in a dream-filled world where food and
What: he is eating some soup and bread because he is hungry?he’s trying to figure what he’s gonna do when he’s done eating because he is homeless?
How: His house go covered in dust and he was jumped so he lost most of his money?he is poor and hungry and he has no idea what he’s gonna do after he’s done eating his soup?
Why: one of the reason why he keeps going is so that he can see his grand kids at least a few times before he has to die. His purpose is that he needs to stay alive for his wife thats 61 and he needs to stay alive for his grand kids that were just born.

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